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Founded by professors in 1999, bepress exists to serve academia. They deliver scholarly communications and publishing services for academic institutions, empowering their communities to showcase and share their works for maximum impact. Bepress is an academic oriented company that offers tools for institutions to manage, display, and publish scholarship online. The flagship product offers the features of a traditional institutional repository as well as professional grade publishing software, management tools and individual faculty and researcher pages to promote and disseminate scholarship and serve academia.


The Goals

To launch a streamlined, responsive website with an organized sitemap to increase user satisfaction, conversions and profit while reducing administrative time. Bepress wanted to consolidate multiple websites into one to powerfully convey its brand to visitors. The main goals were to get prospects interested in bepress services and inspire them to contact the company; to showcase bepress as a modern technology brand; and to improve the experience that prospects and customers have when they come to the site. The site had to be built on an open source CMS that provided tools to maintain strong search engine optimization.

  • Grow revenue by  15%+
  • Show off modernized platform
  • Extend beyond core market
  • Grow profiles and submissions by 33%+


The Results

Following a project strategy report, we built a responsive WordPress website that has seen a significant increase in page views since launching. The simple interface featuring high impact design is generating more leads and is assisting in closing more deals. The contemporary layout is helping to instill trust and is inspiring visitors to reach out to the company. The new site has positioned bepress as a modern technology company and it allows them to manage their pages, news, webinars, team and blog easily.