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Reconstruction Services

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We look at problems from many different angles in order to achieve the best possible solution.

Reconstruction Services integrates the design and construction expertise of its principals with a specific focus on construction litigation and reconstruction.

Distinguishing itself through a Design-Build contracting model, Reconstruction Services provides a unified point of responsibility, resulting in reduced design and administration expenses. This team-oriented Design-Build approach aligns with the practices endorsed by the American Institute of Architects, emphasizing efficiency and collaboration in project delivery.


Crafting a website for Reconstruction Services demanded a visual appeal that matched the excellence of their projects. Our goal was to integrate top-notch imagery and a distinctive style to elevate the firm above the competitive clutter. With a powerful portfolio presentation, we showcase their projects prominently, allowing their work to speak for itself. Furthermore, we provide a platform to effectively narrate the firm’s history. Our focus on speedy loading times and mobile optimization ensures a seamless user experience. And to meet Reconstruction Services’ needs, we’ve created a user-friendly interface for effortless edits to both pages and posts. 


The updated website boasts an appealing design, seamlessly adapting to both desktop and mobile platforms. Abundant, high-resolution images enhance its visual allure, while its user-friendly interface ensures effortless navigation and management. Visitors can conveniently explore Reconstruction Services expertise, peruse their impressive portfolio, and discover available career opportunities. The website’s responsiveness adheres to WCAG accessibility guidelines and is primed for SEO optimization. StateWP’s ongoing collaboration with Reconstruction Services involves WordPress maintenance and security measures, ensuring the website remains operational and runs efficiently.