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Heffernan Insurance Brokers

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Heffernan Insurance Brokers has a nationwide presence.

They offer comprehensive business insurance, personal insurance, employee benefits and financial services products to a range of businesses and individuals. Consistently ranked as one of the nation’s largest independent insurance brokerage firms, Heffernan has been named on the insurance industry’s ‘Best Places to Work’ lists.


The primary goal was to develop a logical site structure from a dizzying menu. From there, we needed to focus on page views and conversions. Heffernan wanted a mobile first website built on Drupal. Customers need to easily find products, read news and get in touch from their phone. They wanted a responsive web design with clean lines and a simple way to manage the copious content and products. Presenting information to insurance seekers in a digestible format was priority number one.


An organized, responsive website built on Drupal. The website features a mega-menu, event calendar, integrations with Salesforce and Newswire, video and document archive, staff pages, parallax imagery and Drupal Views throughout the the site. The website showcases information about insurance products and services in addition to information about the company and its culture. A slimmed down navigation and clear CTA’s have lead to measurable conversion increases.