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China Digital Times

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China Digital Times is an independent, bilingual media organization that brings uncensored news and voices from China to the world.

CDT English was launched in 2003 as a blog that tracks the development of the Internet in China. The site quickly grew into a more comprehensive news portal. CDT launched the Chinese site that aggregates censored content in Chinese cyberspace in 2010.


We had to design the popular sites for both their English and Chinese readers that visit on mobile and desktop. Visitors often bounced after reading the original story they came for because the site was not mobile friendly. Thus, we had to increase click-throughs, reduce bounce rates and encourage repeat visits. Also, the new site had to inspire visitors to explore related articles, categories and links. Finally, the new sites had to support Google Adsense, e-commerce functionality and showcase a large archive of stories.


A completely redesigned multi-language, multi-site, publishing powerhouse built on WordPress. Using a mobile optimized custom theme packed with features, administrators can now control post placement, workflow, SEO, style and media on the sites. Robust taxonomy options, Google Adsense, contemporary design and blazing fast load times make these installations really easy for stakeholders to use. Both the English and Chinese site feature daily news updates, long form essays and a series of propaganda directives. Pages broadcast China Digital Times’ Twitter feed, make donating easy and encourage click-throughs. Visitors can view archives or purchase ebooks, too. The new sites look great, offer powerful features and load fast.

“State Creative was very responsive whenever we had a question or wanted something to change. They did their research quickly and got back to us. Their team found solutions to any problems that came up.”