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The Humphreys Group

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The Humphreys Group provides financial expertise and partnership to women.

They do this by creating a framework and foundation where their values and aspirations are heard and understood. The Humphreys Group believes that the highest quality financial advice combines expertise and empathy. They think that success requires expertise and empathy and that every woman has the capacity to become smart(er) about money.


Design an attractive website that represents the tone and empathy that sets The Humphreys Group apart from other financial firms. The Humphreys Group requested a simple design with powerful features to attract new clients and better serve existing clients. Having a secure portal to share documents and messages with clients in addition to attracting new clientele was a major theme throughout our partnership. Elegant design, high-impact imagery and ease of use for all stakeholders on mobile and desktop devices were top priorities.


The responsive WordPress portal has elegant design features, image-centric design on desktop outputs and a more traditional mobile design. Plugins allow for administrator management of accordions, call-to-action buttons and formatting. Pages feature an oversized header banner, rich text and document downloads. The site was launched with a secure portal that let users upload, categorize and distribute documents. The administrator is able to send secure messages to individuals or groups. To keep the site up to date, we provide ongoing website security and maintenance for The Humphrys Group.