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Pinnacle Health Management

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Pinnacle Health Management (PHM) is a health-based care management company.

PHM offers employers a variety of employee benefit solutions. Our Health Management program offers a team of supportive health professionals, who work closely with employers, to assist employees in managing persistent and complex health condition(s), improving health outcomes and preventing related risks and complications.


Pinnacle Health Management needed a new site that encouraged employee enrollment, provided fresh and accurate news and multi-portal access. As with most websites, information about the company and services needed to inspire click-throughs. PHM was also looking to flatten their sitemap so that visitors never needed more than three clicks to find the information they came looking for. In addition to the primary objectives, PHM also wanted a contemporary design focused on a healthy lifestyle.


The revamped WordPress website is centered around catering to PHM’s members, employers, and providers. Featuring a custom locator for easy provider discovery, a multi-portal login function, and customizable tabs for efficient news and resource publication, the site is designed for user flexibility. With a clean layout employing white space and sharp imagery, visitors are seamlessly directed towards their intended actions. Ensuring a seamless experience across devices, the mobile optimization guarantees a visually pleasing display on both phones and desktops. Additionally, a premium visual editor simplifies the process of publishing interactive pages. Ongoing support for WordPress security and maintenance is provided to ensure the smooth and secure operation of the site for Pinnacle Claims Management.