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CCEE Community Engagement Initiative

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Increasing the ability and capacity to implement effective, equitable and culturally responsive community engagement practices.

The California Statewide System of Support (SSOS) aims to enhance local capacity within districts to develop, implement, and assess strategies for student success. It involves various entities such as the California Collaborative for Educational Excellence (CCEE), the California Department of Education, county offices of education, and other designated “Leads.”


For the website redesign, the organization was focused on creating a dynamic and engaging platform that fosters collaboration, showcases expertise, and inspires meaningful connections. Existing visitors were expected to feel a sense of pride and recognition as they see their district highlighted for its expertise and active participation. 

For new visitors, the goal was to ignite curiosity and inspiration. To leave with fresh ideas and perspectives that they could apply in their own contexts. By easily identifying CEI partner LEAs and joining the community through social media and mailing lists to stay connected, informed, and engaged.

From a technical standpoint, the site had to be, mobile-optimized and built on WordPress. 


The redesigned website leaves visitors fresh ideas where they can easily find partners and join the community through social media and mailing lists. The website’s easy-to-manage WordPress platform using the Elementor builder, ensures seamless updates, while its mobile optimization and fast performance enhances the user experience for those on the go.

The website leverages design and development best practices to ensure strong performance, mobile usability, and compliance with Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG). The emphasis on technical excellence underscores CEI’s commitment to providing an inclusive and accessible online experience.

StateWP provides ongoing security, support and maintenance services which adds an extra layer of confidence and protection.