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Romano Law

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Romano Law is a modern transactional and litigation law practice focused on Business, Disputes, Employment, Media, Sports and Entertainment law.

Their experienced Business Lawyers, Entertainment Attorneys and Litigators work with established companies, industry leaders, business owners, executives, entertainment and media professionals, athletes and a broad range of growing enterprises. The firm represents clients in: technology, television, film, social media, medicine, web design, branding, fitness, consulting, finance, fashion, architecture, construction, health, food and beverage, consumer packaged goods, cosmetics, advertising, education, marketing and others.


In a bid to revitalize their online presence, we embarked on a comprehensive project to enhance user experiences for both new visitors and existing customers on the law firm’s website.

The focus was to create a seamless interaction, offering web forms, phone calls, live chat, and appointment booking. Beyond contact, the site aimed to provide tailored knowledge, empowering visitors with insights into legal aspects relevant to their businesses. Testimonials were to be strategically placed to instill trust and confidence. The new site also had to fortify communication channels for existing clients, ensuring ease in contacting us through various means. That way, the website could become a dynamic resource hub, offering relevant content and facilitating the sharing of articles and attorney information for word-of-mouth referrals.

In weaving these inspirations into the narrative, we envisioned a digital space that was not just informative but immersive – a reflection of Romano Law’s commitment to providing unparalleled legal services in the digital age.


In their pursuit of an enhanced online presence with a desire to increase web leads, Romano Law successfully launched a new website that does just that. With custom website design and development our teams worked together to create an incredible website for the New York law firm.

Seamless Experience for New Visitors:

The entry point for legal counsel seekers is now seamless. Options like web forms, phone calls, live chat, and appointment booking resonate with every visitor. The website is a repository of knowledge, providing tailored information to businesses, industries, or professions. Strategically placed testimonials vividly portray the exceptional legal journey for future clients.

Catering to Established Clientele:

For existing customers, the website has evolved into a dynamic extension of their ongoing relationship. Communication channels, including web forms, phone calls, live chat, and appointment booking, are fortified for straightforward interaction. Delving deeper reveals a wealth of content tailored to their legal needs, turning the website into a trusted resource hub. Facilitation of content sharing transforms clients into ambassadors, expanding Romano Law’s reach organically.

Technical Excellence and Accessibility:

Built on WordPress, the website adheres to design and development best practices. It ensures strong performance, seamless mobile usability, and compliance with Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG). This commitment underscores Romano Law’s dedication to delivering elite results.

Sustained Success and Reliability:

StateWP, our sister company, plays a pivotal role in securing and maintaining the Romano website. The service ensures sustained success and reliability, reflecting the commitment to excellence that defines Romano Law in the digital age.

This completed project realizes the vision outlined in the initial summary, positioning Romano Law as a trailblazer in providing unparalleled legal services in the digital landscape.