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Pinnacle RX Solutions

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PinnacleRx Solutions is a full-service Pharmacy Benefit Manager that provides solutions to meet unique pharmacy needs.

They are able to provide 100% transparency in pricing and are independently owned and backed by more than 50 years of health care claims and benefits processing expertise. PinnacleRx Solutions includes a retail network of more than 65,000 pharmacies nationwide and their mail order program fills more than one million prescriptions per year.


With a diverse target market, the common theme through the variety is that all of PinnacleRx’s customers require simplified and affordable prescription benefits. The new website had to speak these prospects and inform, establish credibility and capture leads for the sales team to follow up with. We were tasked with making a new website that looks modern, yet simple and efficient. Specifically, the site had to include whitespace, health focused imagery and avoid a clinical feel like other prescription sites. Since the product can get complicated, we had to simplify concepts by using icons, animations and warm, inviting colors.


The pharmacy benefits industry is known for its complexity. In order to enhance lead generation, our project focused on developing a new website that delivers the information visitors are actively seeking. The revamped website showcases a collection of captivating images portraying healthy lifestyles, complemented by comprehensive content that sparks curiosity and encourages further engagement. By introducing visitors to PinnacleRx’s range of services and providing vital information for potential clients, the updated site effectively reinforces their brand presence. With a clean, contemporary, and inviting design, the website ensures a seamless user experience. Through a well-organized sitemap, intuitive navigation flow, and strategically placed call-to-actions, visitors are guided along a logical path towards their desired destination. Leveraging the versatility of WordPress as the underlying platform, the website is not only easy to update, but also flexible enough to accommodate future growth. As part of our commitment, we also offer PinnacleRx WordPress maintenance and security services to ensure the website’s ongoing performance and protection.