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PSE Healthy Energy

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PSE Healthy Energy is an independent scientific research institute that specializes in bringing science to energy policy.

Their mission is to generate energy and climate solutions that protect public health and the environment. PSE designs research around real-world challenges and proactively connects audiences with actionable, evidence-based information they can trust. Their team of scientists, engineers, and public health professionals lead multidisciplinary research within five practice areas of Clean Energy Transition, Environmental Public Health, Climate, Energy Equity, and Oil and Gas.


PSE Healthy Energy is dedicated to fostering informed decision-making in science, energy, and climate. With diverse constituents, PSE initiated a website redesign project to enhance partnerships and visibility. Clients rely on PSE’s expertise. Advocates seek accessible insights, policymakers receive guidance, and funders prioritize transparency and impact.

We had to ensure clarity and accessibility by communicating PSE’s mission and expertise clearly. A new site had to facilitate easy access to work products through organized content and encourage visitor engagement. With the robust data, the site had to include a robust search and issue categories. Finally, it was important to incorporate compelling data visualizations for engaging storytelling.

The redesign aimed to inform and inspire collaboration, prioritizing clarity, accessibility, and engagement to advance evidence-based decision-making and collective empowerment for a sustainable future.


Successfully achieving its objectives, PSE’s website redesign has transformed its digital presence into a hub of accessible expertise and collaboration. With clear messaging and intuitive navigation, visitors quickly grasp PSE’s mission and expertise. The organized repository of work products ensures effortless access to valuable insights for advocates, policymakers, and funders alike. Encouraging engagement through email list sign-ups fosters ongoing dialogue and partnership. Featuring compelling visualizations, the site transforms complex data into actionable narratives, reinforcing PSE’s commitment to evidence-based decision-making and collective empowerment for a sustainable future. For optimal performance and protection, our team at StateWP keeps the site up to date and maintained.