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Laurel Fertility Care

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Laurel Fertility Care is the premier boutique clinic in the Bay Area.

They are dedicated to guiding individuals and couples on their journey to build a family.The Laurel Fertility Care team, known for their support, inclusivity, and expertise, delivers personalized care infused with hope. Their commitment to a Personalized Care Promise ensures tailored treatment plans and free emotional support programs for each individual, accessible 24/7 through a secure patient portal.

Acknowledging the emotional, financial, and physical challenges of infertility treatment, the team focuses on creating a stress-free process. With outstanding success rates led by highly credentialed medical and lab directors, Laurel Fertility Care is dedicated to maximizing the chances for success.


Develop a user-focused website for Laurel Fertility Care, highlighting core values and advantages. Targeting a broad audience aged 25-44, the site emphasizes personalized, budget-friendly fertility services with same-week appointments. Key features include continuity of care and competitive pricing.

The site aims to attract diverse demographics, addressing common belief traps and positioning Laurel Fertility Care as a solution for dissatisfied individuals. For acquisition, optimize for search engines and social media, utilizing partnerships with fertility influencers.

Services like IVF, IUI, Egg Freezing, Third-Party Reproduction, and Semen Analysis should be prominently featured.

For new visitors (non-customers), the site should guide them to the treatments page, the learning center, and social media channels.

For prospects, the focus is on conversion through form fills, easy access to treatment information, and educational materials highlighting Laurel Fertility Care’s holistic approach.


Laurel Fertility Care’s new WordPress-based, mobile-friendly site blends innovation and functionality. Prospective patients find guidance through animated elements, a mega menu, and streamlined forms for easy conversion. The Learning Center serves as a dynamic hub for insights into our holistic approach to fertility care.

New visitors seamlessly navigate the Treatments page, Learning Center, and social media channels for a welcoming introduction. Existing customers benefit from the Learning Center, swift patient portal access, and updates on virtual events.

Laurel Fertility Care envisions a dynamic ecosystem, where every click propels individuals closer to their fertility journey realization. To ensure optimal performance and security, StateWP, our sister company, maintains the site.

We couldn’t have asked for a better experience for our website redesign than what we got with State Creative. Based on our first interaction, Garrett and his team presented a clear, concise, well-thought-out proposal using technology that showed they were a leader in their industry. From there they made the intake process easy and really took the time to learn about our company and what our vision was. Garrett listened to our ideas, provided constructive feedback, and always followed up on outstanding questions. The build itself was a very collaborative process in which Garrett laid out step-by-step what was going to happen and when. Open communication is so important and Garrett really came through on all levels; I truly felt like I was a partner in the project and not just another client. From start to finish, State Creative exceeded my expectations and truly made this a great experience…and our new website looks amazing!