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Starr King

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The mission of Starr King School for the Ministry is to educate people for Unitarian Universalist ministry and for progressive religious leadership in society.


The school’s approach is rooted in the Unitarian Universalist values. Those are countering oppressions, cultivating multi-religious life and learning, and creating sustainable communities. Starr King School opened its doors in 1904 as the Pacific Unitarian School for the Ministry and was incorporated in 1906 as “an institution for educating students for the Christian ministry, and especially for that of the Unitarian churches.”


The Starr King website redesign project is centered on creating meaningful interactions. The goal is to enhance engagement by streamlining pathways for applying, inquiring about academics, exploring the history and facilitating donations. This approach aims to encourage broader participation and aligns with Starr King’s commitment to a user-centric design.

A pivotal aspect involves establishing dynamic communication within the community. Additionally, the project aims to seamlessly blend dynamic interactions between faculty and courses.

The redesigned site will serve as a hub that allows Starr King to full its mission. The goal is to blend comprehensive institutional information with features that inspire and encourage meaningful interactions and engagement.


Starr King’s project had clear objectives, resulting in a visually appealing website. The site encourages visitors to immerse themselves in dynamic content, fostering student applications, inquiries, exploration of the institution’s history, and support through donations. Leveraging WordPress, the mobile-friendly platform features a mega menu, custom modules managing course schedules and faculty, and streamlined forms for higher conversions.

Functioning as a hub, the website embodies Starr King’s mission and stimulates interactions. Robust publishing tools empower Starr King to deploy new pages and posts swiftly with rich design options.

Focused on creating interactions and providing information, the website enhances engagement by simplifying pathways for various engagements. This user-centric design aligns with Starr King’s commitment to inclusivity.

The redesigned site, following SEO and WCAG best practices, serves as a hub, enabling Starr King to fulfill its mission by seamlessly blending comprehensive institutional information with features that inspire and encourage engagement. Performance, security, and maintenance are efficiently handled by StateWP, our sister company.