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Generation Thrive

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The Warriors Community Foundation and Kaiser Permanente partnered in 2019 to create Generation Thrive.

A non-profit hub that helps Bay Area non-profit organizations and schools through education and wellness programming. Generation Thrive is focused on providing support in three key areas: educational equity, college and career readiness and health and wellness. Through a tiered, free membership model, Generation Thrive provides programming that supports nonprofits and schools through capacity-building, collaboration, and coaching. The ultimate goal is to take care of the people that care for our young people so they can thrive without limitations.


The goal for Generation Thrive is to take care of the people that care for young people. With that in mind, they wanted a site that empowered the organization with tools to further their mission. They needed imagery that would inspire on a secure platform that could host documents, videos and a calendar.


The microsite that lives on the domain is built on Drupal and gives stakeholders tools to help educational equity, college and career readiness, and health and wellness. The site hosts videos, resources and news to help further their mission.