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Makeplease is a worldwide platform that connects freelance Makers with people who want custom art and design.

Visitors can browse through profiles of artists from all over the world. Makers specialize in all types of mediums. Makers are commissioned for custom projects. They do not sell their items. It’s as simple as finding the perfect Maker, finding the perfect opportunity, and kicking off a great project.


Create a portal for artists, designers and people who want to buy custom work with no transaction fees or bidding wars. Makeplease doesn’t feature mass produced products. Instead, the platform focuses exclusively on commissioned work of all mediums. Freelance Makers need to land gigs, make connections and bring requests and ideas to life.

The portal had to remain free to use and allow for commissioning without bidding wars or transaction fees. To kick off an amazing, one-of-a-kind project, art Takers must easily find the perfect art Maker or Request. The new site had to make Makeplease the place to commission Makers for custom art and design.


A communication platform for art Makers and “Takers.” It’s a custom designed portal, focused on providing freelance artists the opportunity to connect with art lovers around the world. Now, visitors can message each other, read and leave reviews and bookmark their favorites. Posting and customizing a Maker or Taker Profile is simple. Managing and editing posts is much more streamlined on the new site. The portal is easy and fun to use. The new website has a powerful search too, so it’s more straightforward than ever to find the perfect Maker to fulfill creative needs, or the ideal Request to take on. Perhaps most importantly, the site is now usable on a mobile device, so you can be on-the-go and still check on the status of commissions or conversation. Finally, Makeplease will feature a Maker every week and will be sharing news, tips, stories, and features on their new blog.

“State Creative is very communicative, and they always keep in touch. They’re quick to respond, and their responses are very thorough. Nothing is overlooked, and everything is addressed.”