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Another Top Web Design Review!

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18 Oct, 2019

The Importance of Web Design

It should be obvious that a website is a must-have for any business. Great web design can help establish a brand’s online presence and can be a great way for businesses to funnel new leads. That’s why hiring the right development firm to build your site is such a crucial step.

For nearly 20 years, State Creative has been the go-to web design and development studio for small- to medium-sized businesses in California and beyond. Their team consists of talented Drupal and WordPress experts who know how to craft well-functioning sites. They kick-off projects with an integrated strategy and keep organized to ensure tangible returns on investment.

So far, they’ve had a great track record — just check out some of their clients below!

client web design review

State Creative is happy when their clients share success stories about their experience working with them. Their positive (and constructive!) web design reviews have allowed them to be named one of the world’s best web designers by Clutch, a B2B ratings and reviews platform.

For their most recent web design review, they partnered with Kos Read Group, a public affairs and communications firm. They audited their client Educate78’s WordPress site and developed a project plan. By working closely with Educate78’s specifications, State Creative put together the site design and technology stack. After approvals, State Creative coded, populated and tested the site.

Educate78’s board members loved how the new site clearly conveyed the organization’s services. Google Analytics reported higher traffic volumes and the site is easier to navigate. State Creative managed to stay on target by remaining responsive to all questions and by providing regular updates. Even with changing timelines, State Creative adapted quickly to meet client needs.

In the words of the client:

“Their team has never had to redo any part of the project. Their work is error-free every time. I’ve always been impressed with their ability to take our requirements over the phone and turn them into something beautiful.” — Client Manager, Kos Read Group

Web Design Review

Success stories like this have helped them gain recognition on Clutch’s sister sites, too. The Manifest named them top 10 in San Francisco for web development, and Visual Objects ranked them as one of the best web developers. They would not be where they are without their great clients. The constructive feedback helps them improve with each project, too. Their willingness to listen and adapt helps them deliver better outcomes, too. Each client is unique. Finding a balance between requirements and requests is something the web design agency has excelled in.

If you’re interested in starting a web design or web development project connect with them for a consultation.

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