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Web Design & Web Design Agencies – Why It Matters

Web Design

08 Feb, 2020

Why Web Design Matters

And why a web design agency is worth their weight in gold.

It takes 0.05 seconds for users to form an opinion about your website. That’s not long to win someone over. So, what’s the first thing visitors notice when they look at your site?

The design.

Good web design sets you apart from your competition – it’s the difference between a ‘quick browse’ and a sale.

But how does this happen? Well, studies have shown that:

By making good web design a priority, online businesses can ensure that customers not only continue shopping – but also return to their site, again and again.

Talk to the experts working with a specialized web design agency will ignite your online success.

When the correlation between good web design and increased online sales is so clear, working with an experienced web design agency could be your most rewarding business investment.

Web designers are fluent in the language of user experience, because strategic web design is more than just pretty fonts and graphics. These tech experts will take into account:

  • Accessibility
  • Mobile optimization
  • Inspiring & streamlined user experience
  • Quality content

But what does this mean?

1. Accessibility

In the U.S.A, 1 in 5 individuals have some sort of disability. This means that 1 in 5 people may not be able to use your website if it’s poorly designed.

Think about it, being inaccessible to 20% of the population closes off a huge opportunity for customer engagement – and sales.

A web design agency will ensure everyone can interact with your business’ website. This includes:

  • Colors that everyone can see
    The web design team follows Web Content Accessibility Guidelines to ensure that colour blind and visually impaired readers can use your site.
  • Buttons that are big enough
    You want your customers to click the “Buy Now” button, don’t you? Web designers ensure ‘call-to-actions’ are big enough to be seen, and strategically placed to ensure click-throughs.
  • ALT tags
    Visually impaired consumers rely on screen readers to translate content into audio – here’s why it’s important.

Experts from a web design agency take care of these hidden details to make sure visually impaired users can still interact with your business’ website.

2. Mobile Optimization

By 2021, 54% of online sales will come from mobile users. In 2020, when almost half of users will leave a website that isn’t smartphone-friendly, mobile optimization is simply a must.

Still not smartphone-savvy? Connect with a web design agency to upgrade your business’ website so it’s accessible for this skyrocketing number of mobile customers.

A web design agency works to make your website responsive on any device, which means:

  • Readability
    Whether viewing your website on a computer, tablet or phone, the text should always be readable and follow a natural layout.
  • Page structure
    Web designers will ensure that formatting, text size, and image size adjust while keeping their relative ratio, creating a seamless experience for your users.
  • Content density
    An overloaded web page causes slow load times – and frustrated mobile readers. An experienced web design agency organises and refines your content to engage effectively on any screen.

The team at State Creative can upgrade your website’s design for an effortless user experience and maximized conversions.

3. Inspiring & Streamlined User Experience

A web design agency will work with the purpose of your website in mind — whether that’s to sell a product, a service, or educate your customers. They’ll then create the digital architecture that inspires users to learn more and engage further with your company.

Good web design can directly influence your website users to take a specific action by streamlining their experience throughout your site.

There are two main aspects to this:

  • Signpost user experience towards action
    Think of your website as a pathway towards conversion – you want it to be easy for customers to navigate, right? A web design agency can tailor and implement the perfect website design to point users in the right direction, implementing call-to-actions, removing barriers, and integrating relevant links to effortlessly guide potential customers – to the Contact Us page or the ‘check-out’!
  • Showcase your business
    Your website might make sense to you from within your industry, but is it easily understood and navigated by someone who’s never seen your business before? A web design agency bridges the gap between your industry knowledge and your customers’ experience, creating the structure and sitemap that reflects your business’ strategy and communicates its personality to users!

Does your website reflect the goals and strategies of your business? Here’s what we can do for you.

4. Using Content Cleverly

Seeking good web design? It’s not just about colors and coding – you’ve got to use the words that work, too. And while we’re not in English class anymore, poor grammar and awkward wording on a website is a costly mistake.

Content is king.

When your website content is engaging and inspiring, it immediately attracts customer attention — 38% of people have said they will click away website if the content sucks.

Web design agencies know that a union of clever words and cutting-edge design are necessary for a winning website, capturing your reader’s attention and convincing them to take action.

It’s a winning combination:

  • The whole package
    Modern website design and epic content is like a match made in heaven. An experienced web design agency has access to the tools and resources to marry together coding and content to create a powerful online presence for your business.
  • Speak your customers’ language
    Showing that you can engage effectively with your audience is fundamental to build customer loyalty and secure sales.

With access to experienced content writers, a web design agency can communicate your products, services, and expertise with the words your audience understands.

When good web design spells more sales and user engagement, web design agencies really are worth their weight in gold.

An experienced web design agency will work with you to create a look, feel, and experience for your website that users keep coming back to.

They not only understand these principles of good web design, but also have experience and strategies to tailor a solution that fits your business like a glove – and maximises your success.

Let’s get started.

Realize the potential of your business’ website. Call State Creative today.

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