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Website Optimization for Lead Generation

Lead generation hacks: get more leads with website optimization

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06 Nov, 2019

Unlock your website’s potential as the ultimate lead generator.

If your website is a platform to strengthen your brand and sell your products, lead generation should be your top priority. Lead generation is really just a tech-y term for getting people to contact you – ideally, to buy your product.

You already know your business’s website is like a digital signpost – showcasing who you are, what you’re passionate about, and your professional services.

But as well as an online showcase, a business’s website is the most powerful tool for lead generation – if it’s been designed the right way.

If you want maximum lead generation, your website should not only captivate your audience but also be specifically designed so that visitors just HAVE to click the ‘Contact Us’ button.

So what’s the key to lead generation online? Website optimization.

Let’s face it, people are pretty lazy – even when tapping the screens on their phones. Nailing lead generation on your website is about making it as simple (and irresistible) as possible for customers to reach you, and here’s how to do it:

Get more leads in the pipeline with an innovative, simple website.

Skyrocket lead generation with our 5 hacks for website optimization.

1. Mobile compatibility: engage customers on every screen

Ever tried to navigate a complicated website from your phone? It’s a nightmare. In 2019, websites should be compatible with smartphones. Period. Did you know that in 2018, 52.2% of all worldwide website traffic was generated from mobile alone?

What this means for your business is that sales leads will be generated from users behind a mobile, so you need to make sure your website is optimized for it.

Think designs that look good on a smaller screen, large buttons that are easy to click, and text that’s engaging yet concise – and spaced out to allow for easy scrolling. Remember, to captivate a short attention span you need to make an impact, fast.

2. Seamless navigation: so it’s simple to get in touch

Your sale leads need to be able to get in touch with your business, pronto. But what’s the first thing that holds them back from doing so?

If your potential client is scrolling through your website but can’t figure out where to contact the people behind the pixels, chances are they’re going to give up pretty quickly – and your hot lead just dropped off the radar.

Our advice? Get more leads by giving them a clear means of contact. It’s the most effective way to skyrocket the ease of your lead generation.

Call to actions, everywhere. Identifying where your visitors are scrolling and clicking will help you determine the most effective place for them. Have an obvious contact page. Use visible forms on each page. And on that note…

3. Reduced friction: forms that demand less attract more

Whether you’re an e-commerce website offering product catalogues or a professional service producing personalized quotes to your customers, forms are a simple and easy way to get information from your leads online. And it’s a simple algorithm: if the process is easy, your sales leads are much more inclined to reach out to you quickly.

Think about it this way: a complicated form that demands your client input in-depth information or select from too many options, is only a means for distraction and disengagement. Nobody got time for that.

Website optimization for your online forms means there’s as few clicks as possible needed to get in touch. There’s also not hundreds of drop down menus. And the required information is as basic as possible.

4. Use breadcrumbs: leave a trail so visitors can track their journey

Most definitely derived from the classic fairytale – an online ‘breadcrumb’ is a trail for your website’s visitors. It means they can easily track their journey through the depths of your website.

Why is this an integral element of your website optimization? Because we’re going back to the beginning: lead generation thrives off simplicity and clarity. If your visitors can easily see where they’ve come from and trace their steps on a visual ladder of your pages – they’re likely to learn about your business more quickly. And did you know that search engines love breadcrumbs, too?

If your business’s website has many pages, adding a breadcrumb trail is greatly beneficial to your users’ navigation. But if you’re a smaller, simple one, there might not be a need.

5. Clever words: concise and engaging web content

Be direct in your text, don’t be afraid to spell out your services in black and white, and utilize headings that give a clear message. Use a copywriter who knows how to write for online audiences – your best bet in getting your language en route to capture those wandering minds.

Have you ever browsed a website for professional services with flashy images and big words, and ended up with no idea of what they actually do? Writing in clear, concise language is one way you’ll be able to get your messages across more effectively. Your website will only be effective in lead generation if your copy reflects your company with clarity.

For expert advice on lead generation and website optimization, reach out to State Creative today.

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