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Hands holding each other up in Lockdown

Reaching Out During Lockdown

Web Design

06 Apr, 2020

A message from State Creative.

As each day of lockdown brings more harrowing numbers and predictions, it’s hard to find the right words to support our audience. As we isolate ourselves to protect the vulnerable, work from home to keep things moving (which we’re grateful to be able to do), or bravely provide an essential service – we’re all facing the unknown.

But just because we don’t know what tomorrow will bring doesn’t mean we stop reaching out. Although we’re uncertain about what the next few months will look like, this crisis has shown us that it’s more important than ever to share messages that add value. So we’re reaching out to let you know that we’re here to provide support for your business.

Our quick response enabled us to keep working.

State Creative is continuing to work on projects, providing technical support and web design services as we work from home.

Prioritizing the safety of our team, we decided to leave our office before the California lockdown was announced. This ensured our contingency plan worked smoothly. This meant we were well-positioned to provide technical support and advice to our clients as nation-wide lockdowns began.

Like many other businesses adapting to the work from home environment, we used our security best-practices to protect our data and ensure our home systems could withstand the shift to a remote setup. From strengthening our VPN’s to increasing our internal meetings, our team worked quickly so that projects could progress as normal.

Speaking of meetings, we’re all preferring face-to-face conversations.

Despite the lockdown preventing us from hanging out in person, we’ve shifted our communication methods to increase connectivity.

Whether it’s an internal check-in or a meeting with clients, we now defer to a more personal connection via video-call. This gives us more insight into who we’re working with and how they’re doing.

Although we have to put more thought into what we’re wearing (from the waist up) and how the space behind us looks (these are helpful), making an effort to connect virtually with our clients and within our team is helping us do the best work we can during this unprecedented situation.

We’re here to help, or just to talk.

These are daunting times for everybody, but if there is a silver lining, it’s that we can come together and support each other in every way possible. For us here at State Creative, that means providing dedicated digital support and website guidance for businesses who aren’t sure which way to turn.

Our message to businesses is to stay safe online as well as offline during lockdown. Watch out for scammers who will be exploiting this situation to infiltrate your site – any emails from unknown sources offering SEO audits to increase your traffic should be avoided.

We’ll happily provide a complimentary audit of your website to help you plan for future uncertainty. If you could use some advice, or just want to discuss your ideas, we’re here to listen and offer suggestions.

From the team at State Creative, stay safe.

For advice about maintaining your business’s website or digital presence during the lockdown, reach out to our team.

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