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7 Best Website Services Pages + How To Create Your Own

Web Design

17 Oct, 2022

Best Website Services Pages + How To Create Your Own

You need more than a few flashy adjectives if you hope to stand out from all the “top quality” and “number one” companies out there.


Your services page is where people go when they like your homepage – but they need to know exactly why they should give a 💸 (flying buck) about what you do for them.

So, what makes your services page not like the others?

Exactly. It’s not easy to summarize what you do in a persuasive and informative way.

But by the end of this article, you’ll have a better idea of how to do it.

Want to head straight to the best website services pages for inspiration? This quick link will lead you there.

But psst: the chorus doesn’t slap as hard if you skip the build-up.

What Is a Services Page?

A services page is the section or page on your site that explains exactly what you do – individual services or programs, how they work, why they’re helpful, and who they’re for.

That’s the obvious part, anyway. And to help your website’s SEO, your services page will include those essential search phrases people will use to find you:

E.g., “Accountants in [location]”, “Affordable [location] business consultants”.

But here’s the thing most people forget:

Your services page is there for you to clearly distinguish yourself from your competitors.

Let’s talk about what that means and why it matters.

Why Is Website Service Page Design Important?

It’s not enough to say: “we do accounting,” or even “we’re the best accountants with years of experience under our belt” – although the latter is slightly better.

The problem remains: every other firm out there says the same thing and does the same job.

It’s not doing your visitors any favors if you blend right in because they don’t know how to choose.

Beyond stating what you do, your services page is there to hook your visitors by explaining what about you is different – and potentially worthwhile to them.

Like this:

Finding your unique value proposition requires some reflection.

  1. Do you have a unique process compared to competitors?
  2. Are you doing what they’re doing, but in a more modern and convenient way?
  3. Are you affiliated with a nonprofit or serving a bigger cause that may sway customers over to you?

You need to find what makes you different, own it, and make it a prominent part of your services page.

Because that’s where people will click when they want that question answered, so you can use the opportunity to convert them on the spot.

What Makes a Services Page Stand Out?

So, you have your web design best practices for services pages to make the user experience flawless, and then you have the “secret sauce” that makes your business unique.

You must keep both aspects in mind if you want to stand out. Here are some ways to do that.

Focus on the “you” and not the “we” (customer-focused approach)

Talk about benefits, not just features.

“Benefits” or “results” still need to be specific, measurable, and relevant to the target audience.

It can’t be just a random feel-good statement – those may sound impactful to you, but if they can be interpreted in more than one way, your readers will be frustrated and confused.

This also doesn’t mean you shouldn’t specify any details – do mention HIPAA compliance and other key pieces of information that tell your visitors you’re legit.

So let’s sum it up.


  • Center yourself in the story ❌
  • Use ambiguous terms or omit important caveats ❌
  • Leave readers to piece it all together – “affordable pricing” means nothing if you never actually specify the price ❌


  • Treat the visitor as the hero, and yourself as the help along their way ✅
  • Lead with a well-defined selling proposition (USP) ✅
  • Include important certifications and standard practices you use, as well as results you’ve achieved so far ✅
  • Use an FAQ section to answer any commonly-asked questions and clarify important details to save everyone time ✅

Luckily, your previous customers can help you get it right.

Use customer stories, social proof, and stats to prove the value you deliver

Convincing copy is important, and we’ll talk about it in a second.

But right now, we want you to think about how you’re backing your words because people will always trust reviews and statistics more than empty claims.

Testimonials give your services pages more weight and showcase the real user end of the experience to new visitors:

  • “Okay, so this other person in my position used their services, and they were satisfied… so they have a proven track record and can potentially help me, too”
  • “This research proves the cause is important and urgent… so that confirms what the company is saying – they’re telling the truth”
  • “Their current clients say they had a million questions and the company was patient and helpful with them… so I’ll probably also have support if I need anything”

That’s the secret: the best website services pages don’t have to push that “we’re trustworthy” because they have other people and real numbers proving their case for them.

Like the community section on the CSI Construction website:

Community page on Construction Services, inc. website

Have quality content that resonates with the target audience

Potential customers won’t part ways with their hard-earned cash unless they can see how exactly it’s worth it for them.

Especially in B2B where you have multiple stakeholders to convince and higher-ups to approve the budget.

You know what’s definitely not going to work?

  1. Unclear messaging
  2. Information overload
  3. Fluff

So what do you do?

We’ll save our breath and let Dooly give you a masterclass since they’re the perfect example of B2B copywriting done right:

Here’s why this is top-tier content:

  1. It’s authoritative but specific – “run a winning sales process” is immediately followed with a short explanation on what that means and how Dooly achieves it
  2. It combines punchy copywriting with customer reviews that add credibility to each statement
  3. The information is bite-sized and paired with an in-app image for a visual – easy on the eyes
  4. Messaging is clear (note the readable font) and uses the target audience’s language, so they don’t have to figure out what Dooly is talking about and whether or not it applies to them

Follow their example, and you won’t stray.

Focus on usability and make it easy to navigate

Don’t forget about the UX (user experience):

  1. Break your services down into bite-sized sections
  2. Use plenty of white spaces combined with buttons, links, and visuals
  3. Get visual with videos, images, and infographics (and stay on brand)

Here’s another example from Sololearn:

left image is cartoon eating cookie, right side are two young graduates holding diploma

And Another:

No matter where you scroll-land on their site, you’ll never feel like you’re starting a TV show from the 4th season: lost, confused, unengaged. Not really invested.

Which is exactly how a business website with poor UX feels to visitors who simply bounce away.

Be mindful about your services page copy; your visitors will know exactly what’s up, want to learn more, and understand how to proceed – so you won’t lose their attention.

7 Best Services Pages To Admire and Learn From

As usual, we have a shorter and a longer version for your convenience.

Here’s the shorter one with our favorite service page examples and the key takeaways to implement on yours:

Best website services pagesKey takeaways
Resonance Acoustics
  • Don’t overcomplicate things with unnecessary design elements
  • Focus on your USP and target audience
  • Help visitors convert by keeping navigation simple and providing relevant info
  • Define who you serve and who you don’t serve for easy lead qualification
  • Customer stories and reviews make your statements credible
  • Videos and images have to back your points
  • Focus on the client, but do show your process for transparency
The Humphreys Group
  • Focus on the customer – speak from a “what you get from it” perspective
  • Split long text into sections, and services into separate pages if you have many
  • One-click navigation always beats complex design that isn’t functional
  • Lead with your USP and consider the most impactful way to present it
  • Describe how you are similar to competitors and then zero in on the difference for a bigger contrast
  • If your information can captivate the audience, your design can be minimal – no need for flashy elements
  • Prioritize UX by staying consistent across website pages with your design and messaging
  • Provide plenty of links so visitors can learn as much as they want to at their own pace
Charity: Water
  • Use data and statistics to back points, but not for the sake of using them – always circle it back to the audience
  • Use visuals to break down complex topics and add them when they’re functional
  • Don’t forget to show a bit of your human side with photography or videos – people want to connect with people, not corporations
Heifer International
  • Present information in a logical order
  • Make your opening impactful by being specific and following it with proof – lukewarm and vague sentiments don’t work
  • Don’t distract visitors – guide them all the way to the CTA

And now get ready for the long version with visuals and a bit more context on why these website service page designs get top marks from us.

Professional services service page examples

Full disclosure: the first and third examples in this category are from our portfolio.

Resonance Acoustics

Resonance Acoustics has three separate services pages you can choose from on the dropdown menu.

Their pages are simple, straightforward, and cut to the chase:

  • Navigation couldn’t be easier
  • The site is well sectioned-out and not overwhelming with information or visuals
  • Each services page includes a simple overview, case studies to showcase previous work, and a client testimonial for social proof

Quote on Resonance website 

It shows you don’t have to reinvent the wheel to create a good services page.


  • Less is sometimes more – don’t overcomplicate or add random elements for the sake of it
  • Make it all about your USP and your target audience
  • Get out of your visitors’ way to convert by helping them easily explore your site and find relevant info fast


2 Novas as example of Best website services pages

2Novas speak the clients’ language: bank-specific, but not needlessly complicated.

They have a well-defined target audience and tailored messaging, did you notice? “Mega-banks can’t touch” = their target audience is smaller companies who could bank on different strengths.

This page has a lovely, simple design with a video in the background, and 2Novas jump at the chance to show how they’ve helped other companies.

Finally, a “how can you help me?” section follows with highlighted stats and very little text – no fluff, just bringing the point home.

All in a professional but very strategic and niche-specific tone.

We approve.


  • Being clear about who you don’t serve is just as important as defining your target audience – it helps people understand where they fit in the story, so part of your lead qualification is done for you
  • Social proof always wins – customer stories and reviews make your statements credible
  • Elements like videos and images can add a lovely touch when used strategically to back your points
  • Focus on the client, but do show your step-by-step process for transparency so visitors know who they’re working with

The Humphreys Group

The Humphreys Group shows how you can be transparent and provide all the important details without making the user experience hell or forgetting that brand touch.

Here’s how:

  • Easy navigation with services split into categories
  • Simple design that doesn’t distract from the services, and copy that focuses on the impact
  • Seamless user experience across the entire website
  • Industry-appropriate, clean design but sprinkled with warm photography that shows community values


  • Focus on the customer – “what we do” but from a “what you get from it” perspective
  • Split long text into sections, and services into separate pages if you have many
  • One-click navigation always beats complex design that isn’t functional


Best website services pages example by connect cpa

We mentioned earlier that one way you could stand out might be that you offer a standard service but with a twist – and ConnectCPA mastered it.

Their USP is clear: accounting, but a fresh and modern approach fit for a growing company in 2022.

ConnectCPA engages its target audience with snappy copywriting and keywords like “good old-fashioned accounting,” “grandfather’s accounting firm,” and “cloud accounting and online bookkeeping” right at the start of this page.

It’s obviously created for modern companies that already use tools like learning management systems and customer relationship management apps.

They need their accounting integrated and up to speed with the rest of their business, and that’s ConnectCPA’s offering.

The web design isn’t remarkably sexy, but it’s memorable because it puts the right things in focus, and gives you all the information you need.

Test: aced.


  • Lead with your USP and consider the right way to present it – “good old-fashioned accounting” and “cloud accounting and online bookkeeping” demonstrate laser-focused copywriting
  • Describe how you are similar to competitors and then zero in on the difference for a bigger contrast “old fashioned accounting, but your grandfather’s firm wouldn’t recognize our approach”
  • If you provide all the information and captivate the audience, your design can be minimal – just some personal photography and white space will do

Nonprofit & learning institutions service page examples

For nonprofits, we looked at “services pages” specifically, but also:

  • About us or “what we do” pages
  • Our solutions
  • Our work
  • Programs or initiatives

Because some nonprofits don’t exactly offer services, but all of these essentially fit the description and the intent (who do you serve and how are you different?)

Again, some of these are service page examples from our portfolio.


Alluma solutions page

Want to see a calm, eye-friendly, all-around consistent website?

Alluma has the kind of services page that doesn’t overwhelm, yet provides endless possibilities to learn more via well-placed links and buttons.

With only a couple of strategic elements like high-quality photos, a map visual, and some infographics, Alluma displays its solutions in a seamless and uncomplicated way – just like its opening statement promises.


  • Prioritize UX by staying consistent across website pages with your design and messaging
  • Provide plenty of links so visitors can learn as much as they need or want without it being pushed on them all at once

Charity: Water

Charity Water website highlighting Best website services page

Charity: Water is fantastic at leading with facts and numbers but breaking it into digestible, bite-sized pieces.

Their site has multiple service categories that are super easy to navigate. What else? Oh, yeah:

  • They are very visual, which helps with complex topics
  • Perfect balance between results and process with a full step-by-step shown
  • Video “in action” makes them human
  • Enough supporting links to find everything you need


  • Utilize data and statistics to back points, but not for the sake of it – always circle it back to the audience: where are they in that story?
  • Use visuals to break down complex topics and add them when they’re functional, not just for aesthetics
  • Don’t forget to show a bit of your human side with photography or videos – people want to connect with people, not corporations

Heifer International

Best website services pages example from Heifer International

Heifer International is a textbook example of the best practices for services pages:

  1. Opening with a concrete “why this matters” statement
  2. Using crisp photography to show their community and cause
  3. No fluff – just a logical sequence of information you’d want to find as a potential donor
  4. Uncomplicated web design with easy navigation

Everything is one click away, so you’re never distracted from the point.


  • Present information in a logical order – the way you’d want to learn it as a new visitor
  • Make your opening impactful by being specific and following it with proof – lukewarm and vague sentiments don’t work
  • Don’t distract visitors from the purpose – guide them all the way to the CTA

How To Create Your Own Services Page

Time to use what you’ve learned and create your own page. We’ll walk you through the steps, and you’ll fill in the blanks with your own context, story, and business details.

Sound good?

1. Pull together the key content you need for your services page

The best website services pages have these pieces of content:

  1. A powerful opening statement that shows off your personality and USP, like this one from TrulySmall:
  2. Succinct but specific service descriptions
  3. The problems you solve and the benefits or value of your services
  4. The call to action you want readers to take (how you push them deeper into your sales funnel):

Other CTA options could lead visitors to:

  • Gated content
  • Helpful ungated content
  • Videos
  • A contact form
  • Free demos or trials

Choose one that fits you best and makes sense after the information you provided – anticipating what visitors will want to do next shows that you care and aren’t just pushing for the sale.

2. Collect secondary content to strengthen your services page

Secondary content adds weight and credibility to your key or primary content above.

Here are a few examples:

  1. Infographics or videos (to grab people’s attention)
  2. Brief customer testimonials (to prove your services actually work)
  3. Concrete numbers and customer results (to give you credibility)

3. Design a stylish, informative, and simple page that integrates all the above

If there’s one thing you can learn from any of the examples above, it’s that your services page doesn’t have to be a long-winded and complex maze to tell a story.

In fact, that’s exactly what it shouldn’t be.

And here’s a simple way to judge what belongs on it and what you definitely should toss in the bin:

  1. Does this element have a functional purpose?
  2. Is there a sharper, wittier, more “us” way to present the information?

For example, a smart infographic or animation can say the same thing you put in a 1000-word wall of text, but visitors will actually want to read it.

 Just never sacrifice navigation and ease of use for the sake of aesthetics – or anything else for that matter.

Otherwise, your visitors will leave no matter how beautiful your color scheme is.

4. Decide whether you need individual sub-pages for each of your services

Here are some reasons why you should consider separate services pages:

  1. Great for avoiding information overload on your main overview page
  2. You can also use these as landing pages for digital marketing

On the other hand, if you only have a few services and you can easily cover all the important bits in one place, there might be no need to separate them.

One clear benefit of keeping services together is simple navigation – one click and all the information is there.

5. Regularly update your page and track its performance

Having up-to-date information is crucial for everyone: small businesses and large organizations.

You never want to go like “we’re future-forward, and we’ll transform the way you do business” only to direct your visitors to the incorrect phone number and miss the chance to convert them.

Or frustrate them because the service you just sold them on via excellent copy actually isn’t available anymore.

It’s an easy fix: do regular check-ups.

You can use the chance to experiment with new elements in a controlled setting and test how they perform.

For example, you could try dynamic elements, dropdowns, and personal photography to highlight important bits, provide a quick overview, or link to a sub-page and make it yours.

Counter elements are a great way to show your current status quickly and visually:

As long as you only change one thing at a time and monitor your performance, you can gain great insight into what works for you and increase your conversions.

Are you ready to try it out?

Stand Out With Professional Website Service Page Design on WordPress

Service page website design isn’t as simple as saying “high-quality services.”

Your visitors will see it and go:


“We’ve heard this tune before. So how are you different from the next high-quality services company?”

And that’s the gist of it: you need to be different.

You’ve seen some examples and guidelines to get started, but building and redesigning your website takes a lot of work and experience to get exactly right.

Some expert help can go a long way.

If you’re up for it, you can contact State Creative to discuss your website needs.

Otherwise, we suggest you read about common mistakes in web design next, so you know for sure what not to do.

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