Security & Support

We offer ongoing support, maintenance & security services to protect
your investment and brand.

Website Security and Maintenance

Ongoing website maintenance is an important part of the post-deployment cycle. It protects your investment and your visitors that shop, read or download from your website. We offer website security and maintenance packages that will keep your site safe, secure and running smoothly.

Website & Database Backups

Your website database contains all of the content and media on your site. If your database gets hacked, erased or corrupted, you stand to lose everything you’ve published. With a proper backup of your database and files, we can quickly restore your site in an emergency. We perform both manual updates and run auto-updates for total peace of mind.

Module & Plugin Updates

Content management systems, modules and plugins require periodic updates to ensure they are secure and running smoothly. We will scan your site and apply updates to custom and contributed modules to ensure hackers and bugs stay away.

Bug Fixes, Troubleshooting & Repairs

Bugs are a liability and can result in site downtime, reduced visitor confidence or lost customers. Some bugs may affect only some users, which can escape immediate attention. We offer troubleshooting and repair services if bugs are found.

Training and Support

Sometimes you need a little help or you may dream up a new feature you’d like to see developed. We will support you with ongoing training and problem solving to bring design or development ideas to life.

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