State Creative

What’s In A Name?

Logo74 is now State Creative

We used to be known as Logo74, but that name became confusing. Too often potential clients thought all we did was design logos, but we do so much more than that. And so, at fifteen years old, our company was going through an identity crisis. We were creating these rich experiences for our clients by helping them connect to their audience, while our audience was having trouble understanding exactly what we do. We found that our name wasn’t instilling the trust potential clients needed to hire us for comprehensive web design and web development projects. It was time for us to put our money where our mission is and take some bold steps.

So after months of analysis, we decided to put Logo74 to rest and reboot as a stronger, smarter and sleeker, State Creative.

We packed up our Fruitvale office and moved into a beautiful creative space in Downtown Oakland, changed our name from Logo74 to State Creative, rewrote our mission, launched a new website and expanded our team and services. To come up with our new name and branding profile we engaged in the same process that we use with our clients. The project started with an analysis of the company, its customers and the competitive landscape. We researched and moved through an iteration process to establish the name and corporate mark. We wanted a name (and an identity) that encompassed our team’s style and approach as well as our range of digital strategy services.

Fresh. Elegant. Sophisticated. Innovative. Welcome to State Creative.