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Business to consumer or B2C web design is for companies that sell products and services directly to consumers. An effective B2C website balances a great story and creativity while focusing on converting the sale or lead. State Creative helps businesses generate leads and increase sales by using design and development best practices. Our sites feature integrations like recommendation engines, CRM software and marketing automation to improve site performance and conversions. WordPress allows us to instal features like advanced analytics which empower publishers so they can make adjustments on the fly to adjust content to what works best to increase engagement. Click on a project below to learn more about the B2C websites that we built on WordPress and Drupal.

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Customized property management to real estate holders in Brooklyn, Staten Island, Queens & Manhattan.

A responsive, multi-language, WordPress website to track packages and find employment opportunities.

The most innovative and healthy hemp-based food, supplement and wellness products.

The Zuli smartplug communicates with a smartphone, giving unmatched control, monitoring and automation.