Web Development

Web development is the process and programming that brings web design to life. Web development can range from creating a simple static page to complex applications, eCommence portals or social media platforms. We develop websites using WordPress, WooCommerce, Drupal and Shopify because they are flexible and easy to manage. These platforms allow us to design high-impact sites that convert visitors and are easy for administrators to manage content and media. The projects below are some of the sites that we developed on open source content management systems and custom platforms. We develop on open source systems like WordPress and Drupal because they are powerful and flexible. The sites listed showcase a range of features and functions to highlight our capabilities. Explore the projects to see different shopping carts, portfolios and blogs and contact us when you’re ready to start.

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A responsive, multi-language, WordPress website to track packages and find employment opportunities.

The Zuli smartplug communicates with a smartphone, giving unmatched control, monitoring and automation.

UC Berkeley DCAC is a resource to students, working collaboratively with schools & programs.