B2C Web Design

We design and develop websites for businesses that sell products directly to consumers, known as B2C or business to consumer. B2C web design comes with unique challenges, but we understand the importance of reducing friction between your company and the customer. To ensure a return on your investment, you need a responsive website that increases engagement and works on all devices. Our responsive websites sell products and generate leads by following current best practice trends. Developing on WordPress and Drupal guarantees a flexible tool that is easy to manage. Take a look below at a sample of our recent B2C websites.

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A responsive, multi-language, WordPress website to track packages and find employment opportunities.

The Zuli smartplug communicates with a smartphone, giving unmatched control, monitoring and automation.

The Humphreys Group provides financial expertise and believes every woman has the capacity to become smart(er) about money.

Hello, Wonderful is a simple, beautiful site where people find inspiration to enjoy with kids.