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Pinnacle Claims Management

Pinnacle Claims Management, Inc. (PCM) is a leading, all-inclusive third-party administrator that provides a full-suite of comprehensive health benefits administration services to self-funded employers in all industries. Our diverse group of clients range from government entities, manufacturing firms and private businesses.


The Goals

Pinnacle Claims Management wanted to attract new clients while serving their existing customers. For new visitors, they were looking to introduce their services and capture leads for brokers and employers. For existing clients, they needed to provide easy access to their portals. As with all companies, ensuring their brand was strong, consistent and recognizable was also a key component of the redesign.  Information about the company and products needed to pique enough interest to inspire click-throughs and sign ups that would help their sales team. PCM was looking to flatten their sitemap so that a visitor never needed more than three clicks to find the information they came looking for. In addition to the primary objectives, PCM also wanted a clean, airy design focused on a warm, healthy lifestyle.  


The Results

The new WordPress website focuses on PCM’s services and solutions. This allows visitors to better understand their offerings and organization. The airy layout uses white space and crisp imagery to guide visitors towards a desired action. It’s easy for clients to log into PCM’s portals and for prospects to get in touch. The site is optimized for mobile and looks great on a phone or desktop. The site also includes a premium visual editor, which makes it easy to publish interactive pages. To ensure the site runs smoothly and securely, we provide ongoing WordPress security and maintenance support for Pinnacle Claims Management.