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Litman Gregory AdvisorIntelligence

AdvisorIntelligence (AI) is the research publishing branch of the asset management firm Litman Gregory. AdvisorIntelligence is a primary research resource for independent investment advisors offering research and communications. The objective of AdvisorIntelligence is to serve as a primary research resource for independent investment advisors by drawing on experience and expertise as an independent wealth management firm. AdvisorIntelligence is driven by its commitment to doing what they believe is in the long-term best interest of each of their clients.


The Goals

To build a portal that is easy for stakeholders to use and showcase the value of AI’s research collateral. Users need to find answers to questions and the site must reinforce the trust they place in AI’s research products.

  • Streamline the information delivery process
  • Increase page views.
  • Streamline administrator management.
  • Build a device agnostic platform.
  • Design a simplified interface.
  • Increase revenue stream.
  • Enhance business and marketing strategy.
  • Increase newsletter sign ups.
  • Generate leads for other Litman Gregory products.


The Results

Following a project strategy report, we simplified a complex process with a highly custom portal built on the Laravel framework. The responsive e-commerce platform includes a website in front of a paywall that showcases information about the company and curated research. Subscribers have access to a dashboard and premium research after signing a DocuSign agreement and paying through Stripe payment gateway. The custom CMS gives administrators the power to manage users, features and track real time data about the system in addition to categorizing, tagging and placing stories where appropriate. The device agnostic platform enhances their long term business strategy while streamlining the information delivery and administration process. We continue to maintain and support the AdvisorIntelligence system ensuring it’s up to date and secure on an Amazon AWS server.