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Hello Wonderful

Hello, Wonderful is a simple, beautiful website where people find creative inspiration to enjoy with their kids; crafty ideas, new products, quick solutions and everyday fun. hello, Wonderful hopes to inspire, share and perhaps surprise you-moving you to create wonderful things you’ve never tried before.


The Goals

To design a crisp, contemporary website that was easy to navigate, where users could find posts and easily share with their social communities. Without building a mobile website or mobile app, the desktop version needed to render well on all device sizes.


The Results

The project started with an elegant yet playful logo which laid the foundation for the color palette. Next, we moved on to architecture and web design. Users browse thousands of activities, ideas and products and save their favorites by logging in with credentials or through Facebook. Content is displayed with an infinite scroll for fast load times. Users share content through social media channels like Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter and Google+ or leave comments though the Facebook Social Plugin. To encourage click-through rates, there is a dynamic API that showcases popular posts and recommendations based on site actions. Google Adsense provides a revenue stream. Hello Wonderful has been featured on Good Housekeeping and Buzzfeed and inspires thousands of parents everyday.