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Educate78 is transforming public education to dramatically improve outcomes for historically underserved students and families. They support the creation of high quality public schools and programs and the policies that enable them by strengthening practices to attract and retain teachers and principals, and amplify the voices of families throughout Oakland.


The Goals

To become the go-to source for people seeking information on Oakland public education at the district or charter level. Educate78 wanted to showcase their unique qualities and provide resources and information to help stakeholders make informed decisions. The design had to establish credibility and showcase a positive and professional image of the organization. In addition to looking great, the site needed to be easy to manage and mobile friendly. Overall, E78 wanted the site to inspire visitors to share content and sign up for updates.


The Results

A great looking t responsive WordPress website with interactive features that tells the Educate78 story. The new site really pops and is easy-to-use. It runs fast and includes improved navigation, interface design and best practice SEO implementations. The blog is a centerpiece of the site and is a tool to distribute facts, events and stories. With an integration with Form Assembly and Salesforce, E78 now collects more information to help them fundraise and target constituents.  Most importantly, visitors now understand that E78 is an important part of Oakland public education. They work hard for the future of children in district and charter schools, especially for those who have been least served by Oakland’s struggling education system. Lastly, State Creative provides ongoing security and maintenance for the website.