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8 Great About Us Page Examples

Web Design

18 Sep, 2022

8 Great About Us Page Examples + How To Create Your Own

People check your About Us page to see if you’re the type of company they want to support with their hard-earned dollars.

Because they have a lot of options.

This makes your About Us page a piece of key real estate.

You could do what most companies do and just create one to tick off a box…

Or you could show your visitors how you’re different and why you’re definitely a better choice than your competitors.

It’s a no-brainer, right?

So give your visitors something to think about. Or, better yet, help them decide right there and then that you’re the company for them.


If you want to jump straight into the About Us page examples to see how it’s done, be our guest – here’s a quick link.

But we suggest sticking around for the basics, too.

Learning more about what you need to show on your about page in B2C and B2B industries will help you turn yours into a real business asset.

Here’s a hint: it’s not just about you.

What Is an About Us Page?

We know you know what an About Us page is *technically* – there’s no way you haven’t read one.

But there’s more to it than meets the eye.

An “About Us” page is the section on your website that provides more context into who you are, what drives your business, and why you’re even doing it. Its job, in one way or another, is to make your business stand out.


Here are some ideas:

  • Maybe what you’re selling is unique
  • You’re putting a modern spin on an old but necessary service
  • Your products are next-level quality
  • Your service is standard, but you’re partnering with a non-profit
  • You really get your customers because you share their problems

What makes you different can vary. But there has to be something, and it has to be on your about page.

So, depending on whether you’re a…

  1. B2B (nonprofit and professional services), or a
  2. B2C (eCommerce) organization

… Your about page might have a slightly different function and look.

Here’s what an About Us page might include in each scenario:

B2B About Us page elementsB2C About Us page elements
  • Values
  • What makes you different
  • Process (how you provide the service)
  • Key team members
  • Clients and testimonials (although this should also go on the homepage)
  • Why you exist
  • How you produce the product
  • Who it’s for

Obviously, these are just your basic ingredients. Let’s put them into context with some examples.

So if you’re a B2C company, Manscaped will cut right to the chase for you:

Manscaped About Page

Not your everyday copy-pasted mission statement, right? Manscaped sells men’s hygiene products, and they’re not shy about it.

They are confident and blunt (unlike their razors). They’re also partnered up with the Testicular Cancer Society, and together they… you know.

CEO of Manscaped message about partnership with the testicular cancer society

Manscape uses its about page to show the current projects, affiliations, and partnerships, and discuss how exactly its products change men’s lives.

But what about B2B companies?

Well, take a look at Toggl.

About page for Toggl

Toggl believes jobs don’t have to be a pain – if companies provide the tools and leadership to shape a healthy work environment.

Their design embodies that via fun, colorful images, playful fonts, and… well, have you tried saying “toggl” out loud?

About page design for Toggl

Toggl understands agencies and remote teams (their target audience) because that’s what they are too.

They also have a statement that explains why they want nothing to do with micromanagement or spying on employees, and how trust sets them apart.

About page info on Toggl website

All this information is important because it shows visitors what to expect from the tools and qualifies Toggl’s customers for them.

And if you’re still wondering whether you even need an about page – we’ll stop you right there.

The answer is yes.

Why Are They Important?

Let’s talk about your business goals for a second:

  1. Drive conversions
  2. Build brand awareness
  3. Differentiate
  4. Educate
  5. Qualify customers (if you’re in B2B)

There’s so much competition right now. And the markets are dense with products that are, at face value, exactly the same.

In response, customer behavior is shifting to be more focused on the WHY behind a business:

  • 78% of consumers made a purchase decision based on values
  • 55% are much more likely to purchase from a company that shares their values
  • Only 4% of consumers said shared values weren’t an important factor when they made purchasing decisions

So, it actually pays to be ethical, interesting, and a decent person.

Consumers are interested in making sure their hard-earned dollars end up in the pockets of companies that share their values and visions for the world.

And how do they check if you’re the right kind of company?

More often than not, by heading to your About Us page, and reading about who you are.

It turns out that your About Us page can influence customer behavior and help you reach those business goals after all.

But only if it’s attractive and convincing enough.

What Makes an About Us Page Stand Out?

So let’s see what you need on your about page to rise to the occasion and help you attract more clients in eCommerce, nonprofit, and professional services.

Transparent web design

What does transparent web design mean for your industry?

In B2C, it’s about being open and clear about your practices, production process, staff treatment, and material sources.

For B2B companies, it’s about making sure you’re showing the real, human side of your business and breaking the robo-mold.

Nonprofits need to show how exactly they do what they do and what their impact looks like.

And professional services need to unite their team under the same cause.


  1. Custom photography: no stock images, please. Use that space to show your team and your community, maybe even in action – especially if you’re in B2B
  2. Clear process demonstration: step-by-step, end-to-end
  3. Social proof: what do previous and current clients say about you? Did you do well with them?


Approachable and relatable design

Here we need to discuss two things:

  1. Being technically accessible and following design rules that support all visitors
  2. Being relatable and conversational using website copy

If your font is too small or your color scheme doesn’t have enough contrast, many potential customers won’t be able to navigate your site.

Once you’ve fixed that, your copy can be another obstacle for your visitors – or something fun and relatable they connect with.

Investing in conversion copywriting is definitely worth considering for your about page, so your words pop with personality and purpose.

Creative and unique

If your about page is just a “box to tick” in your eyes, imagine how boring it is for your visitors to read it.


How can you employ web design to improve this?

For example, you can try creating interesting team member pages where you hover over the person, adding a cool dynamic element.

Or make the entire page into a vibrant animation that moves as you scroll, as Elementor did:

About Us page for Elementor

The possibilities are endless.

Reflective of your company’s culture and values

Linking it back to web design choices, your About Us page could play with:

  • A modern Color scheme
  • Website copy tone and storytelling
  • Photography

Here is how Gong does all three to show their values and story:

About Us page for Gong


About Us storytelling example from Gong

And photography:

About Us page photography for Gong

It’s a full package.

8 About Us Page Examples To Admire and Learn From

We’ve assembled great examples of About Us pages from eCommerce, nonprofit and professional services for you to take notes.

Below are a quick glimpse and the main reasons we picked them.

About Us page exampleWhat you can learn from it

1. Ajna

  • Pick a creative color scheme and filters to stand out
  • Use custom photography
  • Choose sharp over fluffy copy
2. Chili Piper
  • Use conversational language and simple terms to avoid sounding too robotic in B2B
  • Show your audience you understand their problems
  • Use group photos and videos to be human and relatable in B2B
3. Pinnacle Claims Management
  • Focus on how you can help by highlighting your certificates, experience, and other qualifications
  • Keep your About Us page consistent with the rest of your site and appropriate for your target audience
4. Social Tees
  • Speak your audience’s language – you can use social media to learn what it looks like
  • Provide specific answers and instructions on what to do next
5. Integrated Healthcare Association
  • Use a color scheme and visuals that match your industry, voice, and topic
  • Make the UX as simple as possible with strategically placed buttons, links, and dropdown menus
6. Greenpeace
  • Make sure your mission and steps are crystal clear and inspire action
  • Provide up-to-date info and simple UI so visitors can go ahead and convert
7. Ruby Love
  • Keep sections short and paragraphs spaced out – nobody likes walls of text
  • Try different content and design elements to highlight key information to ensure you get your point across
8. Dr. Bonner
  • Bold statements can work well if you back them with specific proof and photography
  • Gain trust by openly describing each part of your process
  • Break a long page into skimmable sections
  • Present info in a logical order, and pair it with simple design, so it’s easy on the eyes

Now buckle up for the details.

Professional services About Us page examples


About Us page for Ajna

Full disclosure: Ajna is a sample from State Creative portfolio.

It’s on the list because it’s vibrant, and you’d definitely remember it if you saw it in the wild.

Ajna’s About Us page is modern and up-to-date with a fun color scheme and design.

Their employee photos are casual and warm and use a filter with the same color scheme to unify them and make them pop.

About Us page employee photos on AJNA site

They’re just radiating that modern company “working hard, but not ancient or formal” energy.

Plus, this About Us page is on the smaller side, which shows you can get the important bits in without rambling on and boring your visitors.


  • A few strategic design elements go a long way – pick an interesting (but accessible) color scheme to stand out
  • Show, don’t tell – Ajna’s casual team photography says they’re fun and relaxed, so they don’t have to write it
  • Choose succinct over long and fluffy copy – your clients will appreciate you not wasting their time and only telling them what’s important, especially in B2B

Chili Piper

About Us page for Chili Piper

B2B brands everywhere, listen up: Chili Piper is here to show you how to be personable, interesting, and real.

They’re clearly aware of how distant and alien B2B companies often sound. So they stand out by pushing two things to the front:

  1. Their human, real, relatable side – founders’ journey and values are explained in casual language, supported with personal team photography
  2. Their trailblazing spark that drives their company

Chili Piper about us page example


  • Use conversational language and simple terms to avoid sounding too robotic as a B2B brand
  • Show your audience how you came to learn about or even experience the problem they’re experiencing now, so they see you understand them
  • Don’t forget about the human side of things – casual group photos and videos make you relatable in your audience’s eyes

Pinnacle Claims Management

About Us page for Pinnacle Claims Management

Pinnacle Claims Management has a more buttoned-up About Us page because of the industry and type of work they do – health benefits administration services for government entities, manufacturing firms, and private businesses.

Their page is short and effective:

  1. They have a short video introduction that humanizes their business
  2. They quickly explain what they do, for whom, and how they’re qualified for the job
  3. They have a separate leadership page with photos of the team

In their case, they don’t need to be flashy. Certificates and compliance do the trick.


  • Focus on how you can help your target audience by highlighting your certificates, experience, and other qualifications
  • Keep your About Us page tone and design consistent with the rest of your site and appropriate for your target audience

Nonprofit & learning institutions About Us page examples

Social Tees

About Us page example from Social Tees

Social Tees do so many things right.

The information is well-organized – they have a dropdown menu with “meet the team,” “why we rescue,” and other categories for a simple UI.

Here’s what else we love about them:

  • They provide the important information you need to know, like the fact that they keep the animals at a different location, details about their living situation, and where to contact them
  • They make you fall in love with the animals via photos and casual copywriting voice that nails that “dog owner talking about their beloved pet” motherly tone
  • They’re very cause-driven – the cute voice and photos don’t distract from the seriousness of their mission

Cause driven org About us page example from Social Tees

Overall verdict: great website and adorable dogs.


  • Speak your audience’s language in the copy to connect instantly – you can use social media to learn specific phrases they use
  • Work in UI elements like dropdown menus and strategically placed internal links to make the user experience simple and smooth
  • Know what your visitors need to learn next and provide specific answers and instructions – any repeating inquiries are worth addressing on the about page

Integrated Healthcare Association

About Us page example from IHA

Integrated Healthcare Association has a clean About Us page example.

Everything about them is calm and approachable – the blue-white “health” color palette, the minimalist design elements, and the straightforward user experience.

Their dropdown menu, “back to top” and other navigation elements help you learn about their initiatives and programs at your own pace, without getting lost.

Simple, but effective.


  • Use a color scheme and visuals that match your industry, voice, and topic
  • Make the UX as simple as possible with strategically placed buttons, links, and dropdown menus


About Us page from Greenpeace

On the large side of the about page length spectrum, we have Greenpeace, an international organization with about ten pages you can explore to learn about their values, plan, structure, and more.

As a non-profit they have to be specific – they can’t just say “we make the world a better place” and leave you guessing as to how and where.

Their individual pages aren’t particularly sexy, but they don’t need to be.

Greenpeace’s regularly updated and actionable content is enough to make you feel like you can be a part of something important and help make all these tangible changes – right now.


  • If your mission and steps are clear enough, you don’t need the sexiest design – just some good UI, so the technicalities don’t stand in the way of conversions

eCommerce About Us page examples

Ruby Love

About Us page from Ruby Love

Ruby Love is a menstrual product store with a short, sweet, and warm About Us page.

It tells you a bit of everything:

  • What the product is and how it works – in a video, text, and an infographic
  • Who the product is for – anyone who has a period
  • What you get and don’t get when you use it – a good way to position their product as the best solution above mainstream single-use pads and tampons

Blurb explaining how Ruby Love technology works

Bonus points for well-formatted, short sections and clever copy!


  • Keep sections short and break them into paragraphs with spaces in between – nobody likes walls of text
  • Try different content and design elements to highlight key information to make sure you get your point across

Dr. Bronner

About Us page for Dr. Bronner

Dr. Bronner has a lot to show.

Their About Us page is long and beautifully designed to match their “magical” product descriptions and Earth-friendly mission.

But if you take the time to read it, you’ll see they’ve avoided the “information overload” pitfall and turned this into an advantage:

  • They have clickable headlines to help you deep dive into the principle that grabs your attention
  • Everything they say has a purpose – “we care about the planet – read about how our products and packaging are biodegradable and free of harsh chemicals”
  • They have links and custom photography to make every statement stand out
  • The amount of information makes them seem open and trustworthy because they aren’t hiding anything
  • They’ve balanced the info out with plenty of white spaces, so it doesn’t visually overwhelm the visitor

example of about us page from dr. brokers showcasing use of whitespace and imagery


  • Bold statements can work well if you back them with specific proof and photography
  • You can gain trust by openly describing each part of your process
  • A lot of information can be a good thing – just break it into skimmable sections, present it in a logical order, and pair it with simple design, so it’s easy on the eyes

How To Create Your Own About Us Page

Time to take what you’ve learned and use it on your own About Us page. We’ll help with the structure – you just need to follow the steps.

1. Pull together the key content you need for your About Us page

What key content?

1. Your mission statement and values – you might need to do a brand deep dive and discussions with key departments and teams to get on the same page

2. A brief company story – interview the CEO or founder and make sure you’ve got all the facts right

Your vision for the future – photography, so people can see your team and see that they’re united
This can be a major investment, but it’s worth it for B2B companies.

This can be a major investment, but it’s worth it for B2B companies.

2. Collect secondary content to strengthen your About Us page

Yep, sorry. You need more content:

  1. Key team member profiles (who they are and social links) – interview your staff if necessary; having quotes from them is a lovely touch
  2. Brief customer testimonials (who you work to serve) – even just having their logo makes a difference, but keep in mind it will still require their permission and design assets
  3. Concrete numbers and results (to give you credibility) – for companies that want to show compliance or certifications (like b-corp, certified carbon negative), you need to make sure you’re able to get those badges and send them to your designer

Got all that down? Great. Now…

3. Design a webpage that really shows off your content and your personality

Those raw materials you’ve collected need some polishing. So, if you have been going it alone so far, this is the stage where you’ll probably need external help.

  1. Create an emotional connection with the reader – choose a copywriter who understands your brand personality and knows how to amplify that to the target audience in terms of your core values, mission statement, and summary of the story
  2. Describe and illustrate the company process (particularly important for professional services) to show exactly how value is delivered to customers
  3. Add clever CTAs to make it clear to visitors what you want them to do next, but make them your own

4. Share on your social media channels

If it’s not on Facebook, did it even happen?

When it comes to your business, it’s a valid question because social media is where you can get crucial answers fast. So, tap into it:

  1. Ask for feedback – see what customers and team members think
  2. Celebrate key stories, values, and points on the about page – if some of it is new
  3. Track analytics to see if you notice any trends – and so you can keep improving over time

Just remember that this page, like the rest of your website, needs maintenance. Beautiful design is of no use if your information is outdated.

And that’s it!

Use Your About Us Page To Win Customers Over

Maybe you’ve always thought of it as just another part of your website, but a strong About Us page can be the very reason your customers choose you.

It’s hard to get it exactly right, though.

Building your About Us page takes a lot of work and experience, which is why professional help is always welcome.

If you’re up for it, we can take a look at yours! Contact State Creative to discuss your website needs.

Or save our contact details for later, and read about top mistakes in web design or how to plan your website next.

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