Downtown Oakland Office State Creative

We Moved to Downtown Oakland

Our Migration

In late 2014 our team made its preparations to leave the Fruitvale neighborhood of Oakland, CA to join the business and tech district of Downtown Oakland. On the days leading up to our move, we savored our favorite Fruitvale things, like lunch at Oakland’s best taquerias.

We need more space and want to create a collaborative environment where our designers and programmers can work side-by-side and problem solve in real time. We also want something bright, welcoming and contemporary.`` ~Aron Scarinzi, Creative Director

The space began tired and dull, but we went to work to spruce our new office up.  To start, it was activated by removing carpet to expose concrete and the drop ceiling to expose height. To open the space wide, we removed walls and created an open workspace.  Despite natural light, we also installed new light fixtures and finished it off with our turquoise wall.