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Wishtrades is a trading platform that allows users to search for and trade items without the exchange of money. WishTrades boasts the ability to trade just about anything and in exchange, choose from a variety of items and goods that one desires.


The Goals

Build a custom, user-populated web portal with powerful search options and a simple user interface (UI). Design an iconic logo and mark that represents a successful trade through the symbolism of two shaking hands.


The Results

The portal features user account pages and management, item postings, wish-list management, chat, social sharing, user ratings, user comments and is Google AdSense advertisement supported. Users sign-up for an in-site account or sign in using Facebook or Google credentials. Users communicate via onsite chat or by sending a private message. Visitors search for items they are looking for or search for items that they already own to see what another user would trade for that item. The WishTrades logo was designed using demographic and sociographic data so that it is recognizable, clear and compelling. Similar data was compiled to inspire the web design which is clean, crisp and organized.


The Solutions 

Web design, website development, custom CMS (content management system), custom API's, logo.


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