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Siluria Technologies


The team at State Creative is world class. Their service and quality of product is the best in the field. State Creative understands the pace, needs, challenges and the lofty goals that their clients have for their vendors. State Creative built us a logo and website in record time, while delivering an extremely high value product. 

Siluria Technologies is a materials innovation company solving global challenges for partners in the natural gas, chemicals and fuel industries. Siluria is the first company to provide industry with an economically viable and commercially scalable alternative to petroleum.

The Goals

To showcase Siluria Technologies innovation and make them look robust. Siluria was using an outdated installation of Wordpress with a basic template. The company is on the forefront of some of the most important discoveries of our time (turning methane into ethylene) and they wanted a brand and website that demonstrated this to visitors and media and a way to obtain large scale funding.

The Results

State Creative designed Silura's branding profile that included a custom website design managed by a tailored content management system; a logo, business cards, envelopes, and letterhead. Since the website launched, Siluria Technologies has been featured in several publications including Fox Business, MIT Technology Review, Bloomberg and others.


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