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JRDV Urban International

JRDV Urban International

JRDV is an internationally recognized leader in design and planning of urban places. Their work is uniquely place-based and responsive to the physical, social and economic context. JRDV believes that planning is a collaborative effort involving both public and private stakeholders. Their work focuses on creating exceptional urban places that are vital, active, safe and provide a sense of joy and pride for their communities. 


The Goals

Showcase worldwide design and development projects to potential clients, developers, investors and government entities. JRDV required the use of a hybrid parallax structure so that visitors could quickly experience what that the firm does from the home page while allowing more in depth content delivery after clickthrough. The website is managed by a non-technical team, so it was important to build the site on an easy to use open-source cms platform. Since JRDV serves content in multiple languages to visitors in offices, in the field and at home, mobile optimized layouts were of utmost importance. 


The Results

A responsive, hybrid parallax website built on Wordpress. The home page showcases information about the company, recent architectural projects. The mobile optimized site is delivering content faster to visitors and increased page views are a result of the enhanced architecture and flow. The multi-language site allows visitors to easily find the images, projects and content simply so that potential clients convert more frequently. JRDV is now positioned as providing the next generation of design services in a boutique setting that delivers high value.  


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