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ERTEC Environmental Systems

ERTEC Environmental Systems

ERTEC Environmental Systems manufactures revolutionary erosion, sediment and wildlife control systems with zero waste. Compared to traditional solutions such as silt fence and wattles, ERTEC’s sediment control technology significantly reduces unlawful sedimentation to global waterways and post-construction waste to landfill.


The Goals

Re-design ERTEC's site architecture, user experience (UX) and develop a content management system. Showcase company's strengths and products so customers could gain a deeper understanding of what ERTEC offers.


The Results

Our firm worked with ERTEC to create a dynamic user interface to increase traffic and quickly provide information to visitors and customers in a clean, concise manner. Presenting products and applications logically by making them easy to find was at the center of the design process. A pleasing customer experience on the new ERTEC website is a key element that is converting visits into leads. The new website design features a logical path to ERTECs core competencies. The project included an updated logo and on the home page, a paired down navigation menu including site search, slide show, call-to-action entry points and news API integration. Throughout the site a visitor will find interchangeable header banners on the child (inner) pages and custom document (.doc, .dwg, .xls, pdf) archive and news module. The site is managed by a custom content management system (CMS) which allows for credentialed log-ins, unlimited sub-page generation and page, document and image management.


The Solutions

Web design, CMS (content management system) development


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