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We were looking for a Bay Area web design company that could design a great site on a limited budget and short time frame. State Creative designed a beautiful website that matched what we were looking for and on budget. It was so well done that we won an award from the American Design Awards.

Berkeley California based earthmine incorporated is indexing reality. Through a set of unique technologies earthmine has made it possible to collect detailed and accurate 3D street level imagery of every street, ally or freeway in a metropolitan area. Earthmine offers technology that competes against Google Earth and Google Street View, but while Google offers its service at the API and direct-to-user levels, earthmine focuses only on B2B, offering services like street-level imagery for apps, maps for GIS databases and mapping data for emergency services.


The Goals

Our Oakland web firm had to build a site with simple architecture to highlight the advanced products earthmine offers. The user interface had to be simple, but strongly branded and the user experience needed to be calming and informative. We had to build a website for a smaller firm that was competing against giants within the industry.


The Results

We designed earthmine's user interface and re-imagined the user experience by evaluating the core strengths of the business. The website design includes in-depth product information, an intelligent interface and rich design. The site was developed with a custom content management system. Nokia acquired earthmine and Nokia says that the earthmine team will join Nokia’s "Location and Commerce" business division. It will remain in Berkeley, CA as a “key site” for the company’s 3D mapping business.


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